Mysterious portraiting

Nadia Nadege, art, contemporary, portrait, original, unique, true authentic, raw, primitive collector, Montreal, Paris, Nadia Nadege,
Portrait by Nadia NADEGE, mixmedia, 40x40inches/100x100cm

Why portraits? What is the reason to paint and to draw portraits? 

Speak about oneself, catch a memory, testimony, reveal itself and more deliver to free itself, to be self expressed  even to be printed, to engrave its image in time, to question the being, to pass on a feeling, to assert its existence. 

But also to build up awareness, recreate, deconstruct, invent an other one… more beautiful, richer, stranger, uglier but different or maybe put in light one which was hidden before…

Why to look at portraits? I am a lover of portraits, particularly painted or drawn. Even realistic, a painted portrait carries the mark – light or deep, of his author. To paint the portrait of somebody else, it is (maybe) to look for this common point of humanity, the questioning present into the eyes, the quest for unity, the true or reserved emotion …

Why do we like portraits? It is as a meeting every time. A meeting with the other one, where we see its soul, its heart, its history as a mirror of our own image. Because we are ONE and in the others do we find always a little of us.