How Sculpture Fits In With Other Arts:

Sculpture is bold and noticeable. So it is often used as an announcement or a declaration of honour, meant to be remembered as a model.Sculptures often allow for a variety of thoughts and emotions.
On a more modern level, sculpture is used for learning. Art mannequins often provide basic reference for artists trying to learn the human figure. Seeing the figure in sculpture form helps the viewer get a better sense of all the shapes and how they look from different angles, as opposed to the one perspective that a static picture can provide. Mannequins are used in shop windows to model clothing and jewelry, which is another use of sculpture in the contemporary world.
All art forms provide us an escape from what we know as reality. Sculpture tends to do this on a more personal level because it’s closer to something we know. It’s a similar representation of the way we live and how our senses interpret the world around us. The beautiful thing is how each one of us sees art and sculpture in different ways.

(extract from Importance of Sculpture Art by Abstract Stone Stanley)