Picasso and Giacometti as an impossible couple ?

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Which one is Giacometti? Which one is Picasso?

The exhibition  » Picasso-Giacometti  » at National Museum Picasso-Paris with the Foundation Alberto and Annette Giacometti, highlights the formal, friendly or iconographic relationships that these two major artists of the XXth century were able to maintain.
This dialogue is seen from the collections of both institutions and confronts the approach that were able to have Picasso and Giacometti in several domains of creation – painting, sculpture, graphic arts – everything fron the Collections of archives deprived of both artists.From OCTOBER 4TH, 2016 TILL FEBRUARY 5TH, 2017

Lequel est Giacometti ? Lequel est Picasso ?

L’exposition «Picasso-Giacometti», organisée au Musée national Picasso-Paris en collaboration avec la Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti à Paris, met en lumière les relations formelles, amicales ou iconographiques qu’ont pu entretenir ces deux artistes majeurs du XXème siècle.
Ce dialogue est envisagé à partir des collections des deux institutions et confronte l’approche qu’ont pu avoir Picasso et Giacometti dans plusieurs domaines de création – peinture, sculpture, arts graphiques – tout en s’appuyant sur les fonds d’archives privées des deux artistes.